It has been proven that to completely decontaminate a surface, one needs to clean it with a certain type of product using a specific method. If you chose not to hire 911 Sanitizing or a professional company to sanitize you home or business, please follow the steps below.

  1. First and most important! Read precautionary statements. The product of choice needs to be safe for you to use. Check that your product is an EPA approved disinfectant (Wear the proper gear as prescribed by the manufacturer).
  2. Read the directions – The disinfectant product needs to be appropriate for cleaning your desired type of surface.
  3. Pre-clean the high touch areas – Biofilm forms when bacteria join on a surface in clumps and forms a protective coating around themselves which makes them resistant to disinfectants.
  4. Follow contact time – You can find the contact time in the directions. The surface should remain wet to ensure the product is effective.

911 Sanitizing uses all EPA approved products that are human and pet safe with a neutral PH that allows us to apply the product to any type of surface without causing damage. 911 Sanitizing has a 3-step process to make sure that all surfaces are cleaned and sanitized properly.

  • Step 1. We hand wipe all high touch areas with our first product that breaks through Biofilm and starts the process of killing all bacteria and anything viral.
  • Step 2.  All surfaces are sprayed with our second product that continues to kill everything bacterial and viral.
  • Step 3. The 3rd product is incredibly unique! It provides an invisible barrier on the surface that continues to kill anything bacterial or viral for up to 90 days. This product is sprayed on all high touch surfaces. 911 Sanitizing is one of a few companies in Maricopa that uses this product.

If you have any questions or would like a free quote, please feel free to call or text at any time.

Thank you,

Alex Sandoval

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