The 911 Sanitizing Advantage

Have the peace of mind that your home is free of bacteria and viruses so you and you family can sleep easy at night.

Buying a new home? 

Have 911 Sanitizing start your move with a germ-free environment.

Each place of business is different and unique.

911 Sanitizing will customize a plan to help you get your place of business ready to reopen and maintain a safe and healthy workplace for your staff and customers.

Fact: Absenteeism costs employers $225.8 billion annually in the United States, or $1,685 per employee.

Healthcare facilities are faced with one of the biggest challenges of preventing infection.

911 Sanitizing will help you protect patients and staff from getting sick during visits, and give them the confidence that they are working in a safe, healthy and clean environment.

Fact: According to the CDC, the annual cost of hospital acquired infections is an estimated $28 Billion. 

Keep students healthy from preschool to PhD.

911 Sanitizing will clean all surfaces and objects that are frequently touched.

As a restaurant operator you know and value that everything in your operation must be kept clean and hygiene is top priority.

911 Sanitizing will clean all contact surfaces and bring a peace of mind to your employees and customers.

911 Sanitizing experts will clean and disinfect your fitness centers, locker rooms and shared equipment to make it a healthier space for your gym members and employees.

Large venues, such as stadiums and theaters, bring entertainment to the world.

Let 911 Sanitizing keep your audience safe and healthy.

Public transportation, such as trains, planes, and buses, can see a high volume of people pass through in a short period of time transmitting bacteria and viruses.

911 Sanitizing can help eliminate the spread.